After I had my second son, I remember telling a close friend that I didn’t care about my body since I was going to have more kids anyway. But when he turned a year old, I had enough of feeling horrible about the extra 20 lbs. that was still around. That’s when I started my first round of 21 Day Fix and 21 Day Fix Extreme. After six rounds and the addition of two more Beachbody programs (Insanity Max30 and Hammer & Chisel), I have lost 22 lbs.!! Now, one year later, I have never been fitter, healthier, and happier. Most importantly, I know that I never have to settle for anything less than the body I want!


After my second baby, I started 21 Day Fix Extreme and almost a year later I’m down below my wedding weight! I didn’t lose a ton of weight in numbers, but I lost inches and my clothes fit great now. Plus, I have a ton of energy to keep up with my kids. Not to mention, that half hour of me-time is much needed as a stay-at-home mom. I’ve never felt better, and more confident about the way I look and feel. 21 Day Fix Extreme is the best!


I saw so many people getting great results with the 21 Day Fix Extreme that I figured I would try it! Man, did I fall in love with the program! The portion control containers helped me keep my nutrition on point and I started seeing changes in the first week! After the 21 days I was amazed. I gained weight but a ton of lost body fat. I’m on my last week of round 2 and did the countdown to competition plan. The carb cycling is amazing and just shredding me more!! This will be my go-to program to cut and lose body fat. Love it!

– Optionality, LLC



Before I started Max30, I was overwhelmed, depressed, overall an unhappy person even though I smiled. After I finished the program, I became more comfortable in my own skin! Confidence boosted to all new levels. I smiled and it was real!! This led to me becoming a better wife, and less-stressed out person.



If you WANT something go after and get it!! I DID! I have no regrets doing the 21 DAY FIX! 5 months later, I’m lean, stronger then ever, lost 22 lbs., over 16 inches, down 5 pant sizes and keeping the weight off. I am in the best shape of my life at age 41! This summer has been so rewarding because I feel confident and happy! I’m not stopping here. I’m currently continuing my Beachbody workouts while on vacation and building more muscle and those killer abs we all dream of having. I’m making this dream a reality!



Stacey:┬áThink it’s impossible….think again! I am sharing this to hopefully INSPIRE that one person who thinks he or she can’t change. Who thinks she is just the way she is. Who thinks this is all there is to life to muddle through and barely hold on each day. Who thinks, ‘I could never do that OR be like that.’

“I was YOU not that long ago. I couldn’t do one push up. I couldn’t go on a hike without wheezing. I was too busy to work out or eat right. I had 4 kids including a 5 month old baby. Struggling. Tired. Bitter at what life had thrown me. No energy to play with my kids. Settled for mediocre. Fighting years of voices saying I could NEVER be someone different. Guess what? I fought back with 21 Day Fix!! I did something about it. I changed my story. Are you ready to change yours?



Are you struggling with your own health and fitness journey? Are you looking for more support so that you can get the results that you want? If you are looking for clean eating support, fitness support, or simply just motivation, then ask me about the different ways I can help you!"

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