Just this past weekend a friend said to me, “I am SO sick of not being able to lose weight! I can’t understand why I can’t get the weight off. I eat SO well!”

Here’s the truth: after asking her a few more questions about her daily nutrition, it became abundantly clear: ​​she was eating WAY too many carbs, not nearly enough protein, and WAY too much processed foods and artificial sweeteners and dyes. 

And those are just the tip of the iceberg because while this woman was “within her calorie bracket,” what she was consuming was not healthy nor was it ever going to get her into a position of weight loss.

Here’s the thing: most of us think you eat less, exercise more to lose weight. But the truth is, there’s science that proves that’s not the best formula to weight loss. You know what is: eating whole, unprocessed foods in the right portions. 

The Ultimate Portion Fix nutrition program launches today and these women you see, above? They ALL followed (and continue to today!) Ultimate Portion Fix. They ALL have kids. They all work full-time. They all have commitments outside the home with friends and work. But with this super simple, plant-based nutrition system, they were able to lose weight because they had the proper micronutrients in the right ratio in the right portions … all without EVER counting a calorie or macro.

So I ask you this: are you sick of not being​​​​​​​​ able to lose weight? Are you sick of yo-yo dieting? Are you sick of not being able to beat your sugar cravings? Are you sick of binge eating and feeling remorseful about what you ate? Because I was!

If you’re ready to give this nutrition plan a try, join my April 1st 30-day nutrition-only challenge by clicking here! I am ONLY accepting 10 people in this group so I can give one-on-one nutrition consulting to each person (I’m a certified master coach in this nutrition plan). By filling out the form it is not a contract; it’s just a conversation about how this might fit into your life!

So let’s talk!

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