It’s here! For those of you as obsessed as I am with 80 Day Obsession, you will be psyched to know that super trainer Autumn Calabrese just announced that starting October 8th, A Little More Obsessed will be coming to Beachbody On Demand! These six bonus workouts are considered the Phase 4 of this groundbreaking workout program and can either run as a week-long maintenance option OR can be turned into a full four-week Phase 4!

What is A Little More Obsessed?

A Little More Obsessed consist of six bonus workouts to be used as a Phase 4 of 80 Day Obsession. Each workout will run approximately 45 minutes; per Autumn: “It’s the sweet spot between A Little Obsessed and 80 Day Obsession.” Though the workouts are shorter in length, you can expect them to be as intense if not more than Phase 3 workouts.

Do you need equipment for A Little More Obsessed?

Yep! You still need a variety of weights, sliders, and resistance loops. This is what Autumn and the cast use. I also can attest to how awesome the quality if of these versus ones I originally bought at Dick’s Sporting Goods!

Is there a modifier in A Little More Obsessed?

Yes! Carrie will be back as the modifier for all six bonus workouts, which means anyone at any fitness level can do this program!

When is A Little More Obsessed available?

Starting October 8th to Beachbody On Demand subscribers who are currently on a monthly subscription for a Beachbody nutritional (e.g., Shakeology, the Beachbody Performance Line, BEACHBARs, Daily Sunshine, 3 Day Refresh, and more!). For those not on a monthly subscription of a Beachbody nutritional, access will be January 1, 2019.

You can also gain early access by purchasing a challenge pack of any kind including the 80 Day Obsession Annual All-Access challenge pack, which gets you unlimited access to Beachbody On Demand for a full year, 80 Day Obsession equipment, either Shakeology or the Performance Line, and the Portion Fix portion control containers used in the 80 Day Obsession timed nutrition. (For Beachbody On Demand subscribers, you can order the completion pack, which includes everything, above, minus the BOD subscription.)

(You can also order challenge packs for any Beachbody program including LIIFT4, 2B Mindset, the brand new Shift Shop Proving Grounds coming in October, and more!)

How do I get early access October 8th?

You must be a Beachbody On Demand subscriber on a monthly subscription of a Beachbody product. (See above.) This includes the Performance Line (which Autumn highly recommends as it’s heavily integrated into the 80 Day Obsession timed nutrition). You can see more here.

How can I join an 80 Day Obsession accountability group?

It’s easy! As a member of Autumn’s exclusive coach test group, I can provide you with insider info. on how to navigate the timed nutrition per Autumn’s recommendations offered only in the coach test group! I can provide you with meal plans, 80 Day Obsession-approved recipes, daily accountability and motivation, and more to get you started on your fitness journey!

80 Day Obsession Exclusive Test Group

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