Y’all I get it.

Working out is hard.
Eating right is hard.
Getting into a routine is hard.

But you know what’s harder?
Being unhealthy.
Being on medications all the time.
Being out of breath while chasing your kids on the playground. Being tired all the time.
Being afraid to START.

You are not alone. These women right here, MOMS, WIVES, NEIGHBORS, who just wrapped up Beachbody’s newest (and dare I say most effective) workout program were just like YOU. They were tired of being tired.

And so they started. One day at a time. One pound at a time. One inch at a time. One dumbbell at a time.

Choose your hard. Join me on this journey and choose the hard that will pull you out of that funk you’re stuck in. If you want to join my challenge that focuses solely on this workout program, click here or comment, below. #TransformationTuesday

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