💥💥If I hosted a 6-Day Clean Eating challenge with meal plan + grocery list + private support group + 7 meal replacement shakes, would you be interested? It will help you learn about the foods that might be holding you back from losing weight!💥💥

Here’s what you’ll get:

✔Learn the 6 foods you should avoid and the SIX super foods you should eat EVERY DAY!! 🙂
✔meal plan and grocery list!!
✔6 servings of a super food meal replacement shake!!
✔a spot in my next clean eating group!!
✔me as your coach the whole way through!!

I’ll provide a meal plan that is based on whole foods & clean eating principles, plus you get a 6-day meal plan with AWESOME recipes & grocery list with ALL the foods I ate to lose weight and feel full of energy!! You get ALL of this for $35 :). (PLUS, there’s a vegan meal plan option, too!) #cleaneating #6dayclean #6dayreset

If you want to join my group starting next week, comment, below, ⏬⏬ “I’M IN”! And TAG any friends/family you think would be interested, too! 🙂

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