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‪#‎TransformationTuesday‬ OH-EM-GEE! I am AMAZED by this transformation!! My fellow coach, Jocelyn Napier, completely ROCKED‪#‎TheUltimateReset‬!! I’ll let her tell you about her FANTASTIC results from this amazingly effective program!! KUDOS, Jocelyn!!!!!!! You look AWESOME!!

“After 21 days of dedication to my nutrition and detoxing my system- I am down 11.4 lbs and 15 inches in 21 days! I am AMAZED and feel ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! ???

“For the first time in what seems like a LONG time- I was able to lose weight, reduce aches and pains, sleep better, reduce stomach bloat, have a much more focused and clear mind, and feel hopeful again! My face is so clear and I feel crazy energy- especially at night! ??

“Fix your digestive system and YOU will fix your health! Dial into your nutrition and you will see RESULTS in your body!
I look forward to some serious lifestyle changes! I learned through this process:

*temptations are in everyday and we have choices everyday to choose to feel good or to choose to feel like crap

*every event seems to be surrounded by food and what food will be served or eaten- a lot of times the pure enjoyment of others is far more important than what goes into our mouths

*I do not have to eat meat with every meal- and lean organic meats are more my jam- from the meal plan- I have learned TONS of recipes that are amazing and do not contain meat

*I do LOVE vegetables when they are cooked the right way
*I will never buy salad dressing again- and will only use it out to eat when I am in a bind

*Gluten most definitely affects me in a very negative way- I knew it- but it was proven to the extreme

*You can do anything you put your mind too- and health choices are 100% mental

*I have an emotional eating issue and taking bites of bad foods affects me just as bad as eating the whole plate

Along with several other realizations…

I am happy I completed this program and plan on doing it once a year from here on out.”

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