‪#‎TransformationThursday‬ Ok, I need to give a MAJOR shout out to my friend and one of my coaches, Jodi Redcay Price! This mom of two right here has completely CRUSHED her health and fitness goals losing mad inches doing ‪21 Day Fix‬ and getting in THE best shape of her life! In 2010 she was working out and eating “well.” So how did she go from the pic on the left to the one on the right? Eating the right foods in the proper portions!!

You, too, may be working out every day and not seeing results like Jodi 6 years ago. But IF you give 21 Day Fix a chance, you will be AMAZED by what feeding your body the right foods in the right amounts can do! No point counting! No calorie counting! No crazy juice cleanses! Just good old clean eating and portion control! Here’s Jodi’s story:

“Yesterday I realized I was wearing the same workout clothes that I wore to compete in a sprint triathlon 6 years ago, so took a pic to see the difference. Nutrition is the difference here!

2010 picture: I trained for months to be prepared to swim .62 mile, bike 15 miles and run a 5k.

2016 picture: not really training for anything! Coincidentally, I am in a sprint triathlon relay team this weekend – I am running 2 miles. So I have ran once a week + usual workouts 30 min a day.

For me, I was eating the wrong amounts of the wrong foods, and not enough of the right ones. A few changes made all the difference!”

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