Who doesn’t love a grilled cheese? But if you slather a load of butter on a slice of white bread, you lose any nutritional value and gain, like, 10 lbs. just looking at it. Instead, I make my 21 Day Fix-approved grilled cheese sandwiches for myself and for my kiddies using the following:

✔ Alpine Valley’s organic multi-grain bread from Costco (it is SOO good! The best bread ever! It’s so chewy and so good and has ZERO artificial junk or sugar in it.)
✔ Coconut oil in lieu of butter or margarine. It gives an amazing crust to the bread and tastes just like butter but without the saturated fat.
✔ Whatever cheese I’m feeling that day! Goat cheese and roasted tomatoes? Sure! Brie and apple slices? Yes, please!
Give it a try! You’ll never make your grilled cheese the same again :).

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