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I’m not gonna lie: I am SO STOKED ABOUT THIS NEWS! Yes, Body Beast 2 aka The Master’s Hammer & Chisel is true! Sagi Kalev, the body behind Body Beast, and my favorite celebrity trainer, Autumn Calabrese, aka the abs and brains behind 21 Day Fix and 21 Day Fix Extreme, have teamed up to create a KILLER workout program! BODY BEAST 2 IS HERE!

This program will combine Sagi’s fantastic strength training techniques that get you completely shredded with Autumn’s fantastic strength/cardio combination that torches calories in just 30 minutes! You guys, this means that if you thought the results you got from 21 Day Fix Extreme or Body Beast alone were amazing, imagine what you’ll get when these two fitness experts put their minds together to create a program that is unlike any other in Beachbody’s arsenal of workouts!

I cannot wait to get started with this program and see how I can truly dial in my nutrition even more and get seriously shredded!

I am starting a test group January 2nd for this AWESOME program! If you are interested in being a part of this exclusive test group, please fill out this form!! Let’s get shredded together after the new year!

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